- Written by Todd Burman -

30 Watts RM5
10” Coaxial speakers
2 Channels = Combo input and 1/4” input
Footswitchable chorus and reverb
CD input
5 band graphic EQ
Line out
Extension speaker output

Hands up who is sick and tired of not having control over your acoustic sound in a live performance environment. Tired of constantly fighting to hear your sound through the foldbacks. Ashton has the answer – the AEA30 acoustic amplifier. The acoustic amplifier product market is not exactly flooded, so Ashton have taken the bull by the horns, and given us an amplifier without a high price tag. The AEA30 is a two channel 30 Watt RM5 amplifier with built in Reverb and Chrous. It is extremely robust and will easily with stand the rigous fo live shows, and will become your favourite workhorse. While some of you may not be rushing out the door to purchase an acoustic amplifier, you may just need to take head as Ashton have produced one of their best products to date.

Ashton Music
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