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Stunning New Finish for the D59SCEQ

The Ashton D59SCEQ Dreadnought guitar features a solid top, Cedar body and Mahogany neck, back & sides. The B-Band® UST & A3T pre-amp are perfect for helping you achieve the sound you desire.

To compliment the bold sounds of this guitar it now comes in a stunning Transparent Sunburst glossy finish soon to be released this year. 

Take a look for yourself and get up close and personal with this guitar here


The Ashton Banjo is built from a stunning flamed Mahogany body trim and neck, a Remo drum head and chrome hardware. It produces a rich and powerful sound and would make a great addition to any guitarists collection.

Along with the Ashton Mandolin the Ashton Banjo can add different sounds and tone to any folk music band.

Check out this video from Ashton endorsee Robert Taylor (signed with AudioPaxxxx agency). This newly finished recording is part of a 5 track EP made in collaboration with producer Nick Lynar. Rob used his Ashton TK45SCEQ in this production. You can find this track here. Enjoy!

The Ashton CG360S is is Australia's favourite premium classical guitar. It is built with a Rosewood back, sides and fingerboard; a Mahogany neck and a solid Cedar top, which produces a warm sound that will only get better the more you play this elegant guitar.

Jai Waetford sneak peek

Young musician Jai Waetford has shown us a sneak peek of his performance on Australian TV show, X Factor Australia. Jai plays an amazing version of his original song, "Don't Let Me Go".

Jai brings the SL29CEQ alive as a strong, refined accompaniment to his singing. A perfect sized instrument for a younger player, Jai shows how easy it is to get around the instrument during a live performance.

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